Why did I start ______?

There is nothing better than to enjoy what you are doing! If I am going to spend most of my time doing something I don’t like, I will be always unhappy no matter how much money I make.  There is always a way to make things happen – work hard and stay positive! *ADD SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PASSION BEING FASHION*

How did you end up being a stylist?

My degree is in Political Science and I am really happy with what I’ve learned, however, I always liked to be creative and think outside of the box. One day I had a conversation with a friend of mine who asked me : What would you like to be? Forget about all the factors and tell me what is your dream job? ” I said : Fashion, being a personal stylist . and he said “So why don’t you do it?” Since then I have changed my prospective about how to ue my time and how to makes things happen. Four years ago I would never guess that I will be working in one of the biggest retail stores in the US as a personal stylist. I am also a fashion blogger, and everything started from a conversation with a friend.  Asking each other these  types of  questions is very important!


Why do you think people need personal stylist ,what do you bring to them ?

People don’t have time to read blogs or to go and look for a dress and spend the whole day at the mall and even if they do I think it’s waisting of  time.

When I style my clients I provide them with not only ideas for outfits but also  how to pair  things that they already own . Some poeople might not be able to spend as much as they would like to for a dress and  I  provide different  sources where they  cfindan  the dress that they want for a better price  orr even rent it.

I bring ideas, creativity, sources and most imprtant joy to my clients!

I had a client who got his wife a gift  for Mother’s day, styling session package, which means makeup, hairstyling, and my sercice as a stylist.  My team and I not only did all these things for her, but we also arranged a romantic dinner for them ,so they both can enjoy this moment of transformation for her. We know what woman wants. She wants to be beautiful and to be beautiful for the person who she loves.